What matterials do I use in my Works?

I always used Windsor oil paintings. These guarantee chromatic intensity over the years.By the customer side, a few simple precautions may be considered, such as Keep away from heat source or do not expose the workart to solar light. Canvas of Belgium linen, allowing  refined finishing.

Paintbrushes come from England, made from high quality sintetic material, that offer great accuracy.

May be disruption in colors from the showed in the webside and the original workart?

It is not like to occur, but it so, the posible desviations would not be significants. To avoid or minimize this circunstance, I take photographies that are afterwards  treated electronically by a profesional editor.

In portraits, what do I need to work on?
I will require full color photography, by email or sized not smaller than 20*14 cms if it is provided physically. The face-s should be enlightened enought so I can identify all nuances of color and facial features.  I can assist you in the event you doubt on many photographies. Additionally, I suggest you to maintain a conversation about the personality of the protrayed (confidential), that allows me with the psychological level I include in my Works.

Could I make different compositions, include/exclude other members  or change the landscape from the original picture?
Sure. You can make imaginative compositions. In example, the case the portrayed looks perfect in the selected photography but he/she tilts head to one side and you prefer to put he head right, or if she/he looks tousled (children mostly). Sometimes I have been required to include two persons in the same canvas from two different photographies. There is no  objection to do so.

Do I gather experience on portraids of different types of physiognomy?
Mostly, I have performanced portraids of caucasian people, but also of persons from Afria and Asia.

What is the Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?

The Certificate of Authenticity or COA is a document I issue to certifies its originality, using the best materials in the market. You will find information of the artwork: title of the artwork, technical specifications.

How are artworks sent?

Artworks are sent in special boxes, guaranteeing security in shipping.

Are the artworks insured during the shipping?

If the artwork is damaged during the shipment, you won’t have to worried as you may contract an insurance at low price that covers the 100% of the artwork value and any incident the artwork may suffer during the delivery.

When will I receive my purchase?

The estimated delivery time is within 20 and 25 business days since ordering. In the case of international shipments, the artwork may be subjected to customs clearance procedures which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates. Exports of original artworks from Argentina and Colombia could result in delays for 10 additional days due to customs clearance procedures.

Can I be required to submit assistance on the most tailored placement and frames for the workart?
In the event of doubts, I can assist you on the most suitable frame according to the type of workart and its exhibition site.

Must I wait until the workart is finished to see how it is going on?
You can ask for information regarding the degree of the procces, and I will provide you with a photography (ideally not before the work is advanced at 70%). This manner, I can guarantee full satisfaction with the final work.

Can I order a workart as a present to other person?

If you want to purchased a workart or order a portrait to be sent to a different delivery address that yours, please, let me know during the acquisition proccess. You can ask me to include a personal message that I will include in the package.

 Is privacy full guaranteed?

There is no doubt my workarts will no published neither in websides or social networks unless specifically authorised by the person portrayed. The persons who appear in the portraids included in this webside have provided written specify authorisation for this purpose.

What is the price of the workart?

In case of portrait, the cost varies according to the size of the canvas and number of persons included in the workart. Anyway I do my best to offer a Price addapted.  For futher information, you can contact me by pon (+34) 696 18 17 98 o by email to maria.gonzaga.gamellagmail.com

Methods of payment

You can purchase your artworks in a secure environment by bank transfer. The artwork will be marked as reserved until you send me the proof of transfer to maria.gonzaga.gamellagmail.com, and I have a notification from my bank.

In case of portraits, once you order it, it is necessary a payment in advance equivalent to 50% of the final price. Upon completion of the work, I will send a high resolution photography so that you can confirm your satisfaction with the work donde. Following acceptance of the workart, the 50% remaining price will be paid by bank transfer and we will send it to the address provided by the client.