“You use a glass mirror to see your face: you use works of art to see your soul”.

George Bernard Shaw.

   I have been passionate about drawing since I was a child. Since then, painting has been my vanishing point, where I find myselft, the most intimate celebration, a balsam when life hurts, an act of love. As the portuguesse painter said: “painting is like talking with myselft, so that someone understands me better”. 

  I have practised many artistic technicals, such as impressionism, expressionism, pointillism, and currently I am studying abstraction. For this purpose, I have been academically trained thoughout more tan twenty years in prestigious Accademies in Madrid, Florence and Nimes.

     My works for sales appear in this website, including example of some portraits I have executed.

   To delve into the knowledge of Arts, I am an enthusiastic reader,  treasuring a huge private library, including volumes from all around the world. This passion has awaked the concern of travelling to enjoy Paintings. Sculture and Architecture.

    As a member of the Fundation Museo del Prado (Madrid), I have been honoured to participated in many courses and activities organized by this reputable institution in Art. At present I am pursing an official University Degree in Arts. Likewise,  conviced of the healing effect of Art, I have obtained University Degree in Art Therapy.

    Motivated by many people I have encouraged this interest in Art, I have begun writting articles on many painters, different artistic technicals and masterpieces in particular. They have been published in my blog. I will be pleased if they are to your liking. The images count with the "Alt" attribute to  be narrated to persons with reduce vision.

    Yours faithfully,

    María Gonzaga